The Tarotpreneur

For the first time I took Tarot reading from Sanjay I was not clear on what Tarot reading was meant for.When Sanjay initiated the process, he went so systematically that the process automatically became clear. He explained the bases of each of his readings and also maintained his patience as I asked questions. Sanjay’s systematic and focussed approach made me to realise the scientific approach he uses for tarot reading. He is honest and maintains the professional distance while reading cards and this is what gave me full confidence in what he was reading for me. This also created a new belief in me regarding Tarot. However, at the same time, I would like to go for Tarot reading only to Sanjay due to his expertise, his professional and systematic approach and his commitment and sincerity to read."​
Parull Diwaan
A feedback on my session with @⁨Tarot⁩ ji. It was a wonderful session as we just had a 5-10 minute conversation on Wednesday in general and today when I asked him about few things, he replied 100% correct to all my questions... It seemed like his tarot reading made a lot of difference as he knew everything by just reading the cards. Proper guidance he gave and made it a wonderful session... I will surely recommend his name to my family and friends who really need proper guidance... Lots of Gratitude Sir🙏🏻​
Hetal Momaya
Sanjay understands your problems and instils the drive in you to achieve your goals. He is a patient listener and allows you to speak your heart out. You should start without second thoughts.
Biswajyoti Pand
Executive Vise President
Sanjay has good initiative and was able to bring my inner feelings out. You will miss out on something important if you do not talk to him.
Karthik Sathya Ranjan