The Tarotpreneur

In continuation of my last post with above, today lets look at the Sixth Biggest Mistake – Settling for Good Instead of Going for Great . If you are thinking your life is good and you are satisfied, Congratulations! That did not happen on its own. You have obviously done some fabulous work. You have already proven that you are the kind of person who proactively goes after what you want and get it. So why would you settle for anything less than great? Do you really want to stay comfortable?

Staying comfortable can take you no further than good. Most of my clients are people who are already very successful. Now that they’ve personally experienced the power of coaching they realize just how much less they were settling for, for themselves and their lives. Coaching has dramatically increased the quality of their lives in all areas, from increased sales to enhanced relationships and from better health to increased productivity. They feel, that they are fully and vibrantly alive. So, I challenge you to go for GREAT and beyond with coaching.

Stay tuned for 5th mistake!!!

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